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74th FIDE Congress: 2003 FIDE Executive Board Minutes and Annexes
Saturday, 03 January 200474th FIDE Congress: 2003 FIDE Executive Board Minutes and Annexes

FIDE publishes the Minutes and Annexes of the Executive Board meeting that was held from 27 October to 2 November 2003 in Halkidiki, Greece.

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List of Annexes:

1.Application for affiliation from the Chess Federation of Kosovo.
2.Participation in FIDE Competitions.
3.Report of the FIDE External Auditors, Messrs. Ernst & Young.
4.Supplementary notes to the accounts.
5.Treasurer’s Report to the Executive Board, Halkidiki, Greece.
6.Presidential Board Communique.
7.Verification Commission Report.
8.Report of the Permanent Fund.
9.Preliminary Report of the Verification Commission.
10.Addendum to the Verification Commission.
11.Technical Commission Report.
12.Rules and Tournament Regulations Committee Report.
13.Swiss Pairings Committee Report.
14.Qualification Commission Report.
15.List of over-the-board titles awarded.
16.Titles and Ratings Committee Report.
17.Arbiter’s Council Committee Report.
18.World Chess Championship Cycle Committee Report.
19.Proposal on the future cycles of the World Championships.
20.Organisers’ Committee Report.
21.Youth and Junior Events Committee Report.
22.Development Commission Report.
23.CACDEC Report.
24.Chess in Schools Committee Report.
25.Committee on Women’s Chess Report.
26.Trainers’ Committee Report.
27.Chess for the Disabled Committee Report.
28.CHIPS Committee Report.
29.Chess Art, Exhibition and Philately Committee Report.
30.Computer and Internet Chess Committee Report.
31.List of new ICCF titles.
32.Report of the Permanent Commission for Chess Compositions.
33.Medical Commission Report.
34.FIDE Anti-Doping Regulations.
35.Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation.
36.Bid of Armenian Chess Federation for the World Juniors and Girls Championships for 2006 and 2007.
37.Bid from the Turkish Chess Federation for World Youth Championship 2007.
38.ASEAN bid for World Youth 2008 U-16, U-18.
39.Proposal of the British Chess Federation.
40.Bid from South Africa for World Amateur 2004.
41.Proposal of the Slovak Chess Federation.
42.Information regarding World Championship 2003 for Rapid Chess.
43.Proposal of Messrs. G. Makropoulos and I. Gelfer.
44.Proposal of the British Chess Federation.
45.European Chess Union General Assembly Minutes.
46.Report of the Continental President for Americas.
47.Report for Asia.
48.Report of the Continental President for Africa.
49.Proposal of International School Chess Union.
50.Commonwealth Chess Association Report.