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2003 1st FIDE Presidential Board Communique and Approved titles
Wednesday, 12 February 20032003 1st FIDE Presidential Board Communique and Approved titles

FIDE publishes the 2003 1st FIDE Presidential Board Communique and Approved titles. PB meeting was held on 22-23 February 2003 in Bucharest, Romania.

The 1st quarter FIDE Presidential Board meeting was organized by the Romanian Chess Federation, 22-23 February in Bucharest. Among the Agenda items were the Unification of the World Championship. The Board also took ministerial action on title applications. Download zip file of GM, IM, IA and FA Title Applications being reviewed by FIDE Qualification Commission Chairman Mikko Markkula for confirmation by the Board.


The highlight of the 1st quarter 2003 FIDE Presidential Board meeting in Bucharest 22-23 February 2003 was the award to Buenos Aires of the hosting of the Kasparov-Ponomariov World Chess Championship match in June this year.

In a brief remark on the occasion, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulated the Argentine Grandmaster Miguel Quinteros for his successful bid. President Ilyumzhinov pointed out that it was significant that FIDE was awarding this unification match 76 years later after its inaugural staging of the famous Alekhine-Capablanca World Chess Championship match in Buenos Aires in 1927.

President Ilyumzhinov on behalf of FIDE, wrote to congratulate the President of Argentina, H.E. Eduardo Duhalde, a chess player of Master strength, for the success of the Argentine bid. Also, on the occasion of the Board meeting, discussions were held with the Chief Executive of the Einstein Group Mr. Steve Timmins and members of his delegation, which included Mr. Carsten Hensel, the Manager of both Grandmasters Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko. The Board noted that while discussions were ongoing, they were indeed positive and fruitful.

The Presidential Board unanimously resolved to work towards the success of the unification matches under the Prague Agreement. It approved the principles of the joint declaration made in Moscow by the FIDE President and World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov and subsequently, re-confirmed the Regulations for the World Chess Championship match between the World Champion and his Challenger Grandmaster Garry Kasparov with minor modifications.

The Board pointed out that whilst it will await the input of the winner of the Kramnik-Leko match, it went on to establish the principle that the current regulations of the Kasparov-Ponomariov World Chess Championship match will serve as basis for the final unification match to be held sometime in November, under the aegis of FIDE. Post Unification World Championship Cycle 2003-2005. With regard to the Post Unification 2 year cycle, the Board reaffirmed FIDE’s commitment to organise the tournaments and matches within the principles of the Prague Agreement as well as the established decisions of the FIDE General Assembly. It directed the Continents and Zones to complete their events adding that the Continents will get the usual financial subsidy from FIDE for their individual Continental Championships.

The World Championship Committee was mandated to obtain the input of the top players before finalising the Regulations for the new cycle starting November-December with the 128 player knockout tournament now renamed the FIDE World Cup. Grand Prix Tournaments. Speaking to the issue of the elite Grand Prix tournaments, the Board resolved that the event be allowed to continue, subject to the availability on a commercial basis, of sponsors. It resolved further to review the Regulations of the Grand Prix events with emphasis now placed on number of tournaments for the overall results. It further resolved to consider the inclusion of the certain existing tournaments as part of the series. Rapid Rating List. The Board noted that while FIDE was holding discussions with the WorldChessRating Company on an integrated rating program, it directed that the current rapid rating system be reviewed u nder the control of the Elista FIDE Rating Office. Other decisions taken by the Board include the admission of the Somalia Chess Federation as a CACDEC Federation, and the award of titles to the approved candidates including the anticipatory approval of the Grandmaster title to 15-year old Hikaru Nakamura of the United States on acceptance by Qualification Commission Chairman Mikko Markkula.

The Board unanimously resolved to thank President Ilyumzhinov for the continued support of the World Chess Foundation to FIDE. It directed a Committee of the Board to draw up a contract formalising FIDE’s relations with the World Chess Foundation subject to approval of the General Assembly. Finally, the Board unanimously resolved to thank the Government and people of Romania for the warm hospitality accorded members of the Presidential Board during the meeting. In particular it thanked the Romanian Sports Minister Georgiu Gingaras and host President of the Romanian Chess Federation, Mr. Alexandru Crisan for the excellent arrangements made for the meeting. Bucharest, 23 February 2003.


Titles awarded at the 1st quarter Presidential Board Meeting, Bucharest, Romania

Grandmaster Titles BIH Bistric, Faruk BLR Azarov, Sergey GER Handke, Florian IND Ganguly, Surya Sekhar RUS Novik, Maxim Woman Grandmaster Titles IND Ramaswamy, Aarthie International Master Titles ESP Hernando Rodrigo, Jose Maria FRA Brochet, Philippe RUS Iljin, Artem RUS Khlian, Eduard RUS Provotorov, Alexandr RUS Shestoperov, Alexei Woman International Master Titles BUL Georgieva, Liubka CZE Jackova, Jana MDA Greabca, Diana RUS Kursova, Maria International Arbiter Titles CAN Archambault, Serge JOR Walid, Abu Obaid FIDE Arbiter Titles RUS Goncharov, Victor RUS Tsarev, Oleg RUS Vagner, Grigoriy