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73rd FIDE Congress: 2002 FIDE General Assembly Minutes and Annexes
Sunday, 30 November 200873rd FIDE Congress: 2002 FIDE General Assembly Minutes and Annexes

FIDE publishes the minutes of the FIDE General Assembly that was held from 8 to 10 November 2002 in Bled, Slovenia.

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1.Report of the FIDE External Auditors.
2.Supplementary notes to the accounts.
3.Treasurer&rsquos Report.
4.Agreement with Federations in arrears.
5.Report of the FIDE Permanent Fund.
6.Verification Commission report.
7.Minutes of the Verification Commission Meeting.
8.Agreement made between representatives of the two Presidential tickets.
9.Proposal of the USCF to split the American Continent into two.
9a.Original proposal of FIDE Zone President Ignatius Leong.
10..Documents from the Prague Agreement..
11.Proposals from the GM Steering Committee meetings.
12.Proposal from GM Yasser Seirawan.
13.Proposal from GM Yasser Seirawan.
14.Regulations for the World Senior Blitz Championship.
15.Proposal from S. Reuben to improve and clarify International Titles Regulations.
16.Proposal from W. Iclicki to change "Time Control" for Olympiads.
17.Principles for the strategy to give financial autonomy to Continents.
18.Exchange of correspondence between FIDE and the German, French and Spanish Federations.
19.Agreement signed in Bucharest with respect to the crisis in Romanian chess.
20.Excerpt of the Minutes of the Presidential Board in respect of the crisis in Romanian chess.
21.Rules and Tournament Regulations Committee Report.
22.Complete Koya System.
23.Swiss Pairings Committee Report.
24.Qualification Commission Report.
24a.International Title Regulations of FIDE.
25.Proposal of Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
26.Titles and Ratings Committee Report.
26a.Forms for the Title Applications.
27.Changes in the Regulations due to lowering of the rating floor.
28.Arbiters’ Council Report.
29.Chess Events Commission Report.
30.Organisers’ Committee Report.
31.Youth and Junior Events Committee Report.
32.Development Commission Report.
33.CACDEC Report.
34.Chess in Schools Committee Report.
35.Report of WGM Nana Alexandria.
36.Report of the Committee on Women&rsquos Chess.
37.Committee on Chess for the Disabled Report.
38.Report of the GM Steering Committee.
39.Trainers’ Committee Report.
40.CHIPS Committee Report.
41.Chess Art and Exhibition Committee Report.
42.Computer Chess Committee Report.
43.Chess Philately Committee Report.
44.ICSC Committee Report.
45.ICCF Report and Titles.
46.Medical Commission Report.
46a.Sampling in doping controls.
46b.Prohibited classes of substances.
47.Bid from All India Chess Federation for 2006 Chess Olympiad.
48.Bid from Italian Chess Federation for 2006 Chess Olympiad.
49.Bid from Estonian Chess Federation for 2006 Chess Olympiad.
49a.Proposed Regulations for the World Chess Rapid Championship 2003.
50.Report on the 2002 World Universities Chess Championship.
51.Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation.
52.Report of the Continental President for Europe.
53.Report of the Continental President for Asia.
54.Report of the Continental President for Americas.
55.Report of the Continental President for Africa.
56.Minutes of the Mediterranean Chess Association.
57.Minutes of the Small Nations Chess Association.
58.Minutes of the Commonwealth Chess Association