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2002 3rd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Communique
Tuesday, 17 September 20022002 3rd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Communique

FIDE publishes the communique of the 3rd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting that was held in Moscow, Russia, 8-9 September 2002.

Communique of the 3rd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting, Embassy of Kalmykia, Moscow, Russia 8-9 September 2002 Concurrent with the Russia vs. Rest of the World Chess Match, Presidential Board of FIDE met 8-9 September 2002 at the Embassy of Kalmykia in Moscow, Russia. The Board was given an update of progress made since the last meeting in respect of the Prague Agreement by the FIDE President. President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov took time to remind members of the high points of the Agreement namely the return to the World Championships of FIDE&rsquos leading players, Grandmasters Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik. President re-emphasised that FIDE&rsquos singular achievement from the Prague Agreement was the recognition by all parties of FIDE`s ownership of the World Chess Championship title. He said that in the period between now and the General Assembly meeting in Bled, proposals in respect of the immediate and future plans of the World Chess Championships would be considered. The Board noted in particular, the proposal submitted to the Board members by Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan at the meeting. Members of the Board also thanked the President for the steps he was taking to live up to the commitments of FIDE Commerce to FIDE as well as the revival of its activities. With respect to the Grand Prix series, the Board noted with interest, the proposal to organise the Grand Prix by the Icelandic Chess Federation while it also called on Vice President P.T. Ummer Koya to pursue the interest expressed in India for this event. The Board noted with satisfaction the arrangement being put in place to organise the 2nd World Chess Cup at the film city of Ramoji in Hyderabad, India, with the world&rsquos leading players expected to participate from 9 to 22 October 2002. The Board approved the proposal of Executive Director Emmanuel Omuku to task the General Secretary and Treasurer to examine the pre-requisites for the granting of provisional membership to a number of new African Federations which were expected to join FIDE, preparatory to the 2003 All African Games in Abuja, Nigeria, where chess is expected to feature. The Board agreed that in order to avoid any misunderstanding, these new Federations will be entitled to vote after the reopening of the proxies after elections. The Board resolved to offer a last chance to excluded Federations for readmission provided they paid their outstanding dues to FIDE by directing that letters be dispatched to them to submit their team lists for the Olympiad on or before 25 September 2002. It resolved to accept the entries of Sudan and Bahrain to participate in the Olympiad. At the instance of Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos and Executive Board member Morten Sand, the Board considered the Agreement reached by the main parties concerned in the crisis in Romanian Chess. Accordingly, the Board resolved inter-alia to recommend the terms of the Agreement in place of the Resolution of the FIDE Executive Board at its meeting in Halkidiki on the same subject, to the General Assembly for final approval. The terms as contained in the Agreement call for the participation of Grandmaster Alexandru Crisan in 2 more supervised tournaments while International Master Adrian Negulescu is expected to participate in one more supervised event. All the factions in Romanian chess were admonished by the Board to respect ALL the terms including the ceizure of all court cases as well as all forms of attacks in the media. The Board enjoined the World Chess Hall and Fame Committee of FIDE Vice Presidents Stephen Doyle, Treasurer David Jarrett and Executive Director Emmanuel Omuku to come up with a definite criteria as well as list of the first FIDE nominees for induction into the Sydney Samole World Chess Hall of Fame in Miami. Lausanne, 17 September 2002