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86th FIDE Congress: 2015 Executive Board Minutes and Annexes
Monday, 09 November 201586th FIDE Congress: 2015 Executive Board Minutes and Annexes

FIDE is publishing the Minutes and Annexes of the Executive Board meeting that was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 7-8 September 2015.

Download the Minutes (PDF).


1. Audited accounts.
2. Commented accounts.
3. Report of the Permanent Fund Administrator Mr. L. Brunner.
4. Verification Commission report.
5. Eritrea Chess Federation application and the Constitution.
6. Kosovo Chess Federation application and the Statutes.
7. Liberia Chess Federation application and the Constitution.
8. Nauru Chess Federation application and the Constitution.
9. Agenda for the Qualification Commission's meeting.
10. Summaries of title applications.
11. Agenda for the Arbiters’ Commission's meeting.
12. Summaries of title applications.
13. Trainers’ Commission report.
14. Summaries of title applications.
15. Agenda for the Technical Commission's meeting and report from Prague meeting.
16. Agenda and Annexes for Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission's meeting.
17. Chess in Schools Commission report.
18. Women’s Chess Commission report.
19. Events Commission minutes from the meeting in Moscow.
20. Summaries of IO title applications.
21. Journalists’ Commission proposals.
22. Agenda for the Online Commission's meeting.
23. Proposal for conducting over the board tournaments in FIDE Online Arena.
24. Proposal for awarding winners of FIDE Official Online Championships with accommodation to the relevant over the board FIDE Official Competitions.
25. Chief Arbiter’s report for FIDE World Team Championship 2015.
26. Chief Arbiter’s report for FIDE Women’s World Team Championship 2015.
27. Bid from Slovakia to organize the World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2016.
28. Chief Arbiter’s report for World Schools Individual Championship 2015.
29. Report from the Continental President of Americas, J. Vega.
30. An email from the Estonian Chess Federation.
31. Minutes of Commission for Disabled meeting in Athens, 14 August 2015.
33. Chief Arbiter's report for the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad 2015.
34. Minutes of Commission for Disabled, Abu Dhabi.
35. Trainers’ Commission Minutes.
36. Minutes of Central Board of Commission.
37. Minutes of Commission for World Championships & Olympiads.
38. Technical Commission Minutes.
39. Medical Commission Minutes.
40. Minutes of Commission for Women’s Chess.
41. Minutes of Arbiters’ Commission.
42. Minutes of Systems of Pairings & Programs.
43. Minutes of Verification Commission.
44. Minutes of Chess in Schools Commission.
45. Minutes of Qualification Commission.
46. Minutes of Anti-Cheating Committee.
47. Minutes of Social Project Commission.
48. Minutes of Social Action Commission.
49. Minutes of Online Commission.
50. Minutes of Events Commission.
51. Minutes of African Continental Meeting.
52. Minutes of Ethics Commission.
53. Proposals of Russian Chess Federation.
54. Report by Ilya Merenzon, CEO of AGON Limited.
55. Proposed budget 2016.
56. Minutes of Rules & Tournament Regulations Commission.
57. Minutes of Development Commission.
58. Moscow office report.
59. Minutes of Constitutional Commission.
60. Minutes of Asian Continental Meeting.