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Thursday, 01 Dec 2022 13:04
FIDE December 2022 rating list published

The December FIDE rating list is out. Only the women’s top 10 saw some minor shifts, mainly because of the Women’s Candidates Pool A in Monaco, while the overall top 10 was unaffected by last month’s tournament action. The only visible position change is Tan  Zhongyi’s return to the top 10 Women after winning the Chinese championship.

Biggest gains in Top 100 Open and Women

Lu, Miaoyi


2399 (+37)

Batsiashvili, Nino


2493 (+26)

Yu, Yangyi


2728 (+12)

Salimova, Nurgyul


2390 (+11)

Lei, Tingjie


2545 (+10)

Osmak, Yuliia


2451 (+9)

Moussard, Jules


2684 (+8)

Anton Guijarro, David


2675 (+7)


12-year-old Chinese player Lu Miaoyi (pictured above) got the highest rating gain in the top-100 lists (overall & women); she earned 36.8 points following her excellent performance in the Prva Liga Srbije 2022 and climbed to 2399 and #52 in the Women’s rankings - and #6 in the Girls list. Over the last two months, Lu Miaoyi increased her rating by 126 points. 

Nino Batsiashvili also did a great job in this competition, and after netting 26 rating points, he repeated her career-high (15th position) in the top 100 Women. 

Lei Tingjie not only punched her ticked to the Women's Candidates final but also picked up 10 rating poitns along the way. 

Photo: Mark Livshitz

Yu Yangyi and Jules Moussard (pictured above) won prestigious tournaments Fall Chess Classic in the USA and Turnir Mira in Croatia and earned 12 and 8 rating points, respectively. 

Let’s say a few words about the rapid rating changes, given several big competitions in this format in November, including Grand Prix Romania and World Team Championship. 

Wesley So emerged as the winner of the 2022 Global Championship (a hybrid event rated by FIDE) and picked up 16 rating points.  David Navara finished a full point ahead of his main rivals in Grand Prix Romania and earned 11 rating points.

Lastly, the World Team Championship 2022, held in Israel, brought together many strong players from 12 leading chess countries. Looking at the Top 100 Rapid, we can see that only Lu Shanglei (+17), Tamir Nabaty (+8) and David Anton Guijarro (+7) substantially increased their rating, but it is only part of the picture. 

Photo: Mark Livshitz

The biggest beneficiaries of the World Team Championship are boards 3 and 4 of the Chinese squad Bai Jinshi and Li Di (pictured above), who gained 35 and 32 rating points, respectively, and made a major contribution to China’s success in Jerusalem.