International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 16:22
EDU Commission launches a new training program

Dear Member Federations:

The FIDE Commission for Chess in Education has launched a new training program. This program takes into consideration the current circumstances, where the majority of seminars are expected to be held online.

The program is divided into two stages: first, the EDU Commission will prepare and certify lecturers. Then, in turn, these lecturers will run seminars to prepare teachers.

Preparation of Chess in Education Lecturers (CEL)  

Lecturers will be experts in educational chess, not necessarily experts in competitive chess (please check this explanatory document if you are unsure about the difference between these two concepts). They will be trained by the EDU Commission, thought an online capacitation course of 15 hours, with some offline extras. This training has a cost of €75, which covers both access to materials and preparation, and the exam.

Those who successfully pass the exam will receive the diploma of Certified FIDE Chess in Education Lecturer (CEL). This diploma is valid for three years, and it implies an administrative fee of €50.

This qualification will be mandatory in order to be appointed as a lecturer for the FIDE School Instructor seminars. Lecturers will be responsible for running the seminars for teachers (2 lecturers per seminar), and they receive 50% of the total income generated by the seminars they lead.

A pilot course was conducted recently with the participation of several experts in chess in education. "This kind of course is a very good idea", said Leontxo Garcia, who was one of the attendees. “I learned a lot”, added the International Master Eva Repkova, of the FIDE Women’s Commission. Other experts, such as FM Vlad Ungureanu, national coordinator of Romania chess in schools program, also had the chance to attend and provide valuable feedback, that will be implemented in the coming capacitation courses.

Following this pilot experience, the first course for aspiring lecturers will be held 12-14 March, online 14:00-19:00 CET (Central European time). Applications are open now and will close on 9 March.

If you want to apply, please fill in the registration form for "Preparation of Lecturers" and include a resume describing your background. This resume should pay special attention to your relevant experience in "educational chess" (rather than "sport chess", as explained above).

The course is limited to a maximum of 20 people, on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants who cannot be given an assured place will be placed on the waiting list for the subsequent course. This first course will be entirely in English, but later on, we will incorporate some courses in Spanish and French as well.

School Instructor Seminars for teachers (SI)

These seminars will be organized by FIDE, sometimes in cooperation with National Federations or certified FIDE academies. The FIDE Commission for Chess in Education will decide on lecturers, content, et cetera.

The newly revised seminars for teachers will be given by Certified Lecturers (CEL), two per group. They will also have a duration of 15 hours, and those who pass the exam will receive the title of School Instructor (SI).

The fee for taking part in these seminars is €100, including access to materials, seminar and exam. Those who successfully pass the exam will have to pay €50 for the School Instructor title.

The dates for the first School Instructor seminars will be announced at the conclusion of the first seminar for capacitation of lecturers.