International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024 14:51
Changes to Regulations of transferring to FIDE flag for Refugees

In an effort to further improve the position of chess players who are refugees, asylum seekers or stateless persons, FIDE has amended the regulations regarding transfer rules for playing under the FIDE flag.

As of 1st May 2024, refugees and persons with similar status will have an easier way to switch to playing under the FIDE flag.

This applies to players who are refugees but are unable to obtain a FIDE ID in the country where they are now permanently residing.

Before being transferred to play under the FIDE Flag, players covered by the regulations should initially request in writing a transfer to the Federation of their current pace of residence.

If that request is denied, a player may request a transfer to play under the FIDE flag. Importantly, FIDE players with refugee status who transfer will be exempt from paying the annual fee of 100 Euros.

FIDE flag players will be eligible to participate in all official FIDE tournaments, subject to qualification criteria.

“We want to make it easier for refugees and displaced people to play chess and participate in events. That is why we looked into easing the regulations for switching to the FIDE flag. We understand that refugees in foreign countries may face challenges obtaining documents due to various regulations. We hope that, at least when it comes to chess, we can make that easier and open a path for them to participate in tournaments and play the game they love,” emphasized Aleksandr Martynov, FIDE’s Legal Director.