International Chess Federation
Monday, 13 May 2024 08:01
Updated FIDE (Dutch) System Effective from July 1, 2025

The SPP Department of the Technical Commission is pleased to announce the approved updates to the C.04.3 FIDE (Dutch) System ( These amendments aim to simplify and enhance the end-of-round pairing process and introduce various types of Pairing Allocated Byes (PABs). Key changes include streamlining the pairing process, excluding players with fewer games from PAB candidacy, and exploring different solutions for PAB in the early rounds, such as half-point, virtual, and zero-point PABs, as well as other variable PAB solutions and considerations for full-point byes. The update draws on insights from the current FIDE (Dutch) System and the new Dubov System, indicating that some existing rules could be simplified for clarity, while a more comprehensive review could necessitate a new pairing system.

We also want to draw your attention to C.04.2 General handling rules for Swiss Tournaments, C.04.4 Other FIDE-approved Pairing Systems, and C.04.5 FIDE-approved Accelerated Systems, which contain the documentation with the new references used in C.04.3 FIDE (Dutch) System.

 We extend our sincere appreciation to Mr. Roberto Ricca and the entire SPP Department for their dedicated efforts in refining the tie-break rules and their explanations.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact Hendrik du Toit at